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Mark Hummel review:

Ben's custom harp work gives me the response and ease I'm looking for when blowing on my SEYDEL harps. Just the right of give and tightness on the reeds to make for a really playable harmonica- just what I like to sail through my blues!!

From Sweden:

I ordered a X-treme session in G with powerbending tuning from Ben.
Ben also equipped my session with Seydel 1847 coverplates. 
The coverplates did increase the overall sound projection compared to
the standard coverplates, but in my opinion not a huge difference but
a nice addition in looks and feel if you like that. The big difference is
the embossing Ben does which makes the harmonica crispier and 
more clear compared to my other Seydels.
Most of the time i play with the powerbending tuning, and the powerbending
tuning seems easier to overblow then standard richter tuning without special
tweaks but what the factory never provides is careful adjustments of 
every single reed like Ben does.
My X-treme was very even and smooth through the hole range of the harmonica.
The overblows where all there besides 1 hole overblow which is hard enough on
a G anyway and i am not the most trained overblower either. 
I would be calm on a gig with this harmonica. You dont need to blow hard
or soft for it to work because it works in both directions and the price is very 
competitive for the work Ben does.

From the US:

Dear Ben,

 Thanks so much for these incredible harmonicas. I've never played anything like them. Now I finally understand what I've heard – the better the instrument the better the player. I've done things on these harps I've never done before, because the response is so fast and bright, the tuning so perfect. And the airtightness gives my breath its full force. I can't imagine a better harmonica than the 1847 Beta. Every moment with it is pleasure. Same with the Power Benders. My runs are quicker, my musical ideas more easily developed.

From Germany:

Hallo Ben,
sorry dass ich mich erst heute melde, aber
ich wollte die Harp wirklich eingehend testen bevor ich ein feedback
Ich hab sie erst eingespielt ohne Ob
´s und Od's.
 Die Ansprache ist fantastisch und zieh- wie auch blowbendings lassen
sich exakt spielen. Ob 1,4,5,6 gehen sehr gut. Od 9 und sogar 10 sind
sehr gut.
 Bei Od 7 hatte ich allerdings anf
änglich ein Problem. Vielleicht
hab ich den zu hart angespielt. Jedenfalls kam es vor, dass nach Od 7 die
Ziehzunge 7 leicht geschliffen hat.Das hat sich aber mittlerweile gelegt.
Mein Fazit: Eine tolle Harp. Ich bin gl
ücklich damit

From the UK

Hi Ben.  It's awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  So airtight, and in a back to back comparison with the 1847 extras you've done for me it is so easy to play.  It's my first full on custom harp, and I am so impressed and pleased.  I can now understand when peeps talk about ultimate harps.  I think I've got one!  You must be so pleased at the results of the techniques you use.  I like it so much I'm even thinking of making it my carry everywhere harp!  If I'm gonna play I may as well play the best.  So once again many many thanks.  Best wishes Ian.