HdH Harmonicas

As of January 1, 2024, I will partially stop selling my custom harmonicas.
I am happy to announce that the customizing of the X-act and X-tra 1847 and Session Steel models will be taken over by Henk D'haen from Belgium.
From the beginning of 2023, I have trained Henk D'haen as a customizer of Seydel harmonicas with steel reeds.
I had known Henk for a number of years and I was always surprised by the serious and thorough approach to everything he did in the harmonica field.
His harmonica playing improved noticeably and that gave me the idea to talk to him about training to become a customizer.
He wanted to do this and we started from there.

I showed him all my tools, explained my working method and went through the entire process step by step to customize the harmonicas so that they meet my requirements.
For me, my philosophy about the how and why of customization, my thoughts about playing harmonicas and my musical ideas are central.
Fortunately, we were quickly on the same page.

During the training we worked hard together to master testing. A customizer must master and understand all playing techniques in order to be able to test a harmonica in detail.

I am very happy that Henk D'haen will be building my X-act and X-tra models from January 1st.

I am going to upgrade my X-treme 1847 models myself and only offer this model.
The upgrade includes hand-polished reeds, a superb frame and stabilized reeds with custom curves and profiles.

I offer these X'treme PLUS models through various channels.
The X-treme PLUS can be shipped worldwide. After contact, special wishes can be implemented, such as a different tuning or a different frame.
The X-treme PLUS 1847 is incredibly easy to play and the sound meets everyone's needs. Overbending is effortless, just like all other bending techniques.
The price is stated when I offer the X-treme PLUS for sale.

Ordering X-act and X-tra models can only be done by contacting Henk D'haen by email on:


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