Chromatic NonSlider - Orchestra -key of C

  • Chromatic NonSlider - Orchestra -key of C
  • Chromatic NonSlider - Orchestra -key of C
  • Chromatic NonSlider - Orchestra -key of C

The NONSLIDER Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL  - playing chromatically re-thought
Is there a chromatic harmonica ... 
... with direct tone response like a Blues Harmonica?
... that works WITHOUT slider and WITHOUT valves*?
... on which techniques like bending or overblow are playable?
The answer is YES. We name it the NONSLIDER Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL. The instrument is equipped with a newly designed mouthpiece that opens up many new possibilities for the players to play chromatically, no matter if they have played chromatic harmonica or diatonic blues harmonica before!
NONSLIDER Chromatic is a very reliable instrument that is virtually maintenance free. 48 tuning stable, stainless steel reeds guarantee a great sound and a long playing pleasure. Furthermore, stuck valves or a jammed slider are things of the past.
* Please note: In order to achieve an optimal tone responses, the reeds of the LC, LD and LF variants, as well as the C 'Orchestra tuning' are equipped with valves (full and/or half-valving). Bending of certain half-valved notes is still possible - all valved blow notes can additionally be bent down in pitch. Overblows are not playable if the reeds are valved.
How does the NONSLIDER Chromatic principle work?
With the help of the
 newly developed double-row mouthpiece, the semitones are reached simply by tilting the instrument. A slight angling down or up is sufficient to reach all chromatic notes by directly playing the corresponding holes on the respective row.


The notes on the lower row of holes are the same like in the "slide-pressed position" on standard chromatic harmonicas. The instrument is tilted down or up, or the player changes the position of his lips (pointed-mouth technique/lip-pursing) to reach the right notes.


Chromatic NonSlider - Orchestra tuning