Saxony Chromatic Orchestra

  • Saxony Chromatic Orchestra
The Saxony Orchestra comes with a different tuning. The harmonica is tuned in the key of C but it starts on hole 1 with the note G2. On hole 3 is the C note and from there it goes up like the Solo tuning in C.
This gives you some extra low notes which is very useful for players who play in an orchestra.

The Origin of Sound - the SAXONY CHROMATIC - the first serial-produced chromatic harmonica with stainless steel reeds!

The SAXONY CHROMATIC is a professional chromatic harmonica with unique playing features. The instrument benefits from the stainless steel reeds well known from the 1847 Blues harmonicas and the timeless precision manufacturing of the Renaissance chromatic harmonica.
• Full, loud sound and fast tone response due to the stainless steel reeds: durable and stable in pitch even with heavy duty playing Reliable valving - new windsaver material • Less air-loss due to optimized reed plates made of German Silver - optimized flatness and extremely small tolerances between reeds and reed plate slots • New mouthpiece with round openings • Improved slider package design – optimized for air-tightness and comfortable action • New cover plate surface, matt-chromed – comfortable on the lips and glides easily during playing • Cover plates opened wide at the back and crimped to allow the overtone-rich sound to spread out unhindered • High precision manufactured aluminium comb – optimized for ideal tone-response, with design coating in metallic look
All components were rethought and improved – the result is the SAXONY CHROMATIC– a master’s instrument that fits professional demands. This harmonica opens a new dimension of SEYDEL's long tradition of making quality harmonicas. Precision, made in Klingenthal / SAXONY / Germany.


Saxony Chromatic Orchestra