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As a long-time harp player ( 50 years) I have played many harps from different brands. But I was always very disappointed when a harp gave me serious problems. Swollen, warped and molded wooden combs, rusty coverplates, nasty dirty greenish corroded reeds that went out of tune or broke soon after purchase. I experienced this for a very long time. I tried so many different things to improve the harp that it almost drove me crazy.

For me, my luck changed when I got in touch with Seydel through my good friend Dr. Bertram Becher. I started a long lasting relationship with Seydel Harmonicas. Soon I had the opportunity to try some harps that were handmade by Seydels harp engineering guru Karl Pucholt.One of those harps was a prototype harp with steel reeds. Without knowing this I immediately said: This is my kind of harp!! That is where my journey started and in some ways ended as well. I had found the perfect harp.

I was soon involved in the testing and development of the steel reed harmonicas.The Seydel team and I found ways to improve them to perform better for me and harp players around the world. The result reflects what I am all about now - addicted to steel reed harps, customizing these to be a top instrument, selling them worldwide and most of all, enjoying every second that I spend playing on my

I have created new tools. I have found unusual tools from a myriad of technical branches. I have tried (and succeeded) crazy modifications that are normally impossible to perform on a reed to make it out perform itself. All this research and trial and error has made it possible for me to systematically customize and sell my
BenBoumanHarmonicas for a very fair price. I believe that my BenBoumanHarmonicas are so strong and optimized that I offer unlimited warranty and service on them. I even sell my BenBoumanHarmonicas X-act harp for almost the price that you normally pay in a shop.

You receive a custom instrument. All reed slots are mildly embossed. Reeds are re-curved and re-gapped and the tuning is optimized. On my X-tra and X-treme model I extend the work to a very high level to make these instruments a true professional harmonica. My harps make it possible for beginners to learn it the right way. Breathing techniques are easier to perform, bendings come in a natural way and a big sound is really no big deal. Intermediate and advanced to pro players benefit from the personalized set-up of the harp. It is all available.

Overblows/overdraws?? No problem !! Special tunings?? Almost any special tuning is possible for free. Special demands?? I'll take care of it. Plus...every new customer gets a free 30 minute on-line lesson with me through SKYPE !! I hope to hear from you soon!!

Ben Bouman